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personal life code

Your date of birth provides you with a set of powerful life code. This life code consists of four important numbers with sequence. These numbers have frequency, energy, vibration, wave, resonance, rhythm and magnetic field. They can help you to get rid of energy suckers. Help you to prevent and minimise pitfalls, challengers, or problems.

Your Personal Life Code can be supported by certain controlling and supporting shapes and colors. Learn How To Balance and Enhance Your Personality Characteristic Number With Your Personal Life Code, Controlling and Supporting shapes and colors.

You can Crave or Engrave your Personal Life Code into Jewelries such as Necklace, Bracelet, Pendant, Ring, Key-chain, and even phone case cover. Bring it along with you every moment, especially during certain important events, meetings, closing sales or contracts.

At first, I was very skeptical and thought that this is religious. I have done a lot of research about this. Finally, I've decided to sign up for the report. And it is amazingly so true about myself. I'm also applying the life code and it brings me a lots of opportunities.

Nur Hanisah, GM of Tadika

The customised necklace with my personal life code is a powerful. It helped me to change my life to a better one.

Lucas Lee, Entrepreneur

The customised necklace is so beautiful. I had ordered two sets for me and my husband. And it is so great that I can feel the difference of my relationship with my husband with our personal life code.

Yvonne Cheah, House Wife